Our Story

Hey there!  We are RJ and KiKi!  And we’re just two regular KIDS trying to do SUPER things.  We just wanted to tell you a little bit about ourselves and how we started Be Super Kids, LLC to promote anti-bullying awareness.  


About 2 years ago, we both started reading a kid’s entrepreneur book that our moms purchased for us.  We started having weekly meetings about what we learned, and we started brainstorming about what types of businesses we could start together.  First, we thought of businesses like lemonade stands or bake sales, but we were encouraged to dig deeper.  We both knew we wanted to make an impact, to touch the lives of others, so we tried to think of something we were both passionate about or affected by.  We are both affected by bullying or know someone who has been bullied. On a regular basis at school, we have seen someone getting laughed at or teased.  And we both have been teased on many occasions.

We started this business to bring awareness to bullying.  You guys can help us bring awareness to bullying too. All you have to do is wear your Be Super Kids apparel in schools, out in public, at your job, or anywhere else you go in this world to show people you are not about that “bully life.” In other words, you are supporting the cause. 

RJ’s story

I have always been short for my age.  I remember as early as Kindergarten being picked on because I was shorter than the other kids.  I’m 12 years old right now but I look like I’m in the 2nd or 3rd grade. I would actually sometimes get put in the wrong age group because of my height.  I have had adults and other kids look at me funny when I tell them my age. Sometimes, they will even say “why are you so short.”   I try not to let it bother me but sometimes people (kids and adults) can be cruel, whether it’s intentional or not. 

KiKi’s story

I have personally witnessed other people being bullied, and I have also been bullied and it makes me sad. It makes me sad to see people being unkind to one another. So I decided to start this project to prevent bullying in schools. As we try to stop the bullying we also have to dig deeper and see that maybe the bullies are going through something that is causing them to take their rage out on other people. So what we are trying to do is spread the word about bullying and influence kids to be kind to one another, and if you need to talk to an adult there are many that will listen.

Remember to always BE KIND and always BE SUPER!  Thank you for your support!